Opportunity - GasSA

GasSA Retail is open to discussion on opportunities in areas where their is no presence, We aim to grow within the scope, and increase our recognition as a growing brand, and have the trust of the client as a reputable gas dealer that has a high service level as a priority.

Each store / area is unique in its demograph, as well as municipal bylaws. GasSA will assist in store location, store legalities and regulations, suppliers, and store operations.

Financial commitments will be discussed with potential new member, based on each unique scenario, offering you the highest possible return on investment for the commitment that will be made.

GasSA Retail is not structured on the franchise concept, but on the buying group concept. Monthly fees are extremely low, and not linked to turnover.

Startup fees are determined on an individual basis, as to level of assistance required, and the relevant shop size and structure.


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